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    RARE India

    Dear Partners

    It has been an eventful three months, what with the GST conundrum and a slew of partners in town to meet the Inbound operators in Delhi and Gurgaon.

    We would like to share a brief update on some of the things the market put out during our meetings with them.

    1. There are so many representation companies out there. Out meetings for you have to make a lot of sense, at the same time be able to put out your USPs effectively.

    2. The narratives for each partner hotel on the list has to change. There is no doubt you have evolved through the years, it is time to change the story to that of your evolution and every thing that is different and ‘RARE’ about yourself.

    We urge you to do the following :

    1. Create a fresh story board
    2. Go green and put it out as your USP.
    3. Engage the community.
    4. Engage the guests – meal with the owners, an insightful walk around the property ( restored areas of fort etc. )
    5. Introduce your team and get them to interact with the guests – people love to hear local stories, talents and challenges.
    6. Rewrite the narratives of your activities.
    7. Finally every communication from you should shout out loud – both written and presentation.
    – WHY your property / lodge / retreat should be used over your competition
    – WHAT makes you RARE & unique
    – HOW are you able to show value
    – Your cost VS value proposition
    – Enhancements and upgrades since they last saw

    Shoba & Sowmya



    Yes, this is a valid post. All partners can then comment on it right below the relevant post.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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