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    Dear Partners,

    RARE since its inception has been propagating hotels with an evolved consciousness towards preservation and sustenance of nature, culture, heritage and community. It is a part of our evolving strategy to choose hotels whose owners or promoters naturally speak this language and hence we focused on ‘people’ – the hosts and owners of RARE hotels are an eclectic and passionate community of lateral thinkers, conservationists, photographers, farmers, poets, film makers, adventurers and so on, whose contribution to the experience of travel is extraordinary. In each hotel lies a story of courage, grit and a pioneering spirit; a leap of faith into the unknown but with a strong sense for hospitality, concept and service quality. Our first few hotels onboard laid the foundation for the “RARE” features we look for when inviting a hotel to join the RARE List.

    1. Small key hotels. Our smallest hotel is one 4 suites while our largest is a campsite with 45 tents and cottages, however the RARE ‘sweet spot’ for keys lie between 8 -14 rooms and that too in large acres. In many cases especially jungle lodges only a small part of the property is taken up for rooms or cottages, the rest being left to nature to run her course.
    2. Community and local participation : Our hotels create jobs and opportunities for local people by directly employing them or sourcing locally available and required produce from them. Ensure communities and their cultures are not exploited and undisturbed, provide long term benefits by providing or supporting education, health, hygiene etc. Fair salary and local employee benefits for health, education and insurance.
    3. Connect the traveler with the destination through cultural highlight, built heritage or showcasing a craft, festival, art or natural history unique to the destination.
    4. Conscious use of alternate resources like firewood, electricity and water that does not take away from primary need community or village. Conscious disposal or recycling of garbage, waste water.
    5. Create Shared Value by involving guests in conservation or community projects for the continued welfare of the local people in and around the property.
    6. Cuisine that utilizes as much of the local produce as possible thereby reducing its ‘carbon foot print’, saving energy and helping local economy by purchase.
    7. Create a concept that is at once a pleasurable holiday and a source of learning, a luxury that aligns with the times and provides a sense of ‘doing the right thing’.
    8. High standards of safety and security, hygiene and quality of experience.
    9. A complete alignment of the concept and ideal of the hotel with each and every service that is provided.
    10. A host or manager who is charismatic and a team that speak the same language of responsible choices and treading softly.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Shoba Mohan
    Founder Partner @ RARE India
    +9198102 65781

    We save paper just as you do.

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