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Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, Pokhara, Nepal

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About Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge established 1998 set lofty standards in sustainable hospitality and community-inclusive tourism. Located away from the crowded lake side hotels of Pokhara town, this nature based mountain lodge operates under Marcus and Lisa’s vision which they drive with energy and passion. The main lodge on top of the ridge houses a dining room, sitting areas, library and bar, while the cottages built into the hill-sides maximize mountain views. The architecture is mud plastered lime-stone bricks with slated tiled roofs very similar to the villages houses you see around and completely in sync with the gardens and thriving woodlands.

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge (TMPL) needs no introduction. Begun in 1998, TMPL has set lofty standards in sustainable hospitality and community inclusive tourism. The awards and accolades over the years speak as eloquently as the way the lodge is run today to continue forth as an independent nature based mountain lodge with the same ideals under Marcus and Lisa’s private entrepreneurship which they drives with energy and passion. A short drive up from Pokhara town and you quickly leave behind a rather linear real estate development up a hill that clearly shows signs of having been preserved from irresponsible grazing and mindless usurping of forests. TMPL is spread on a spur ridge that runs east to west and overlooks the mountains and the Pokhara Valley. The southern part of the ridge is dotted with quiet, sparsely populated hamlets and tiny villages while the northern part is well wooded and includes a community forest. These villages date back to some 200 years and depend on agriculture growing crops like millets, maize, rice, mustard and vegetables.

The short, pebbled drive way which doubles up as parking space as well as landing for arrivals and departures, leads up a some steps past a few cottages which are ideal for older guests, easy to access without compromising on the views. Further up the incline, gentler for the carefully placed stepping stones, you arrive within view of the main lodge. A flight of stairs opens to a brief open hallway that opens out to a courtyard which looks out to the valley below and the Himalayan skyline yonder. The hallway connects two similar buildings made of stone and slate, a local architectural style that is sustainable as well as suitable for local weather conditions. The building to the right includes spacious seating areas, bar and library while the second building to the left is the dining room with a smaller covered area for buffet lunch that is easy to access from the courtyard. Both rooms open out through large French windows to a verandah right under the roof and leads to an outdoor lawn. This is a convivial space for alfresco meals, cocktails and conversation.

When the mountains are out there won’t be many takers for the indoors seating unless it is a cold winter night and the fire place in the center is crackling! Winter afternoons in TMPL are about sitting out in the sun, drink at hand and enjoying Chef Lalu Mahato’s gently spiced Nepalese delicacies served exactly like it is done in Nepalese homes: an offering of lentils, vegetables, curries, rice and flat-bread on a traditional bronze platter. Dinner usually served in the dining room is an immaculately planned table d’hote and multi-course meal comprising of seasonal vegetarian curries, inspired meat dishes and delectable puddings. Alternately, guests may opt for a Nepali Thali. Special dietary requests and children’s favorites are welcomed.

The Nineteen cottages at Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge are built into the side of the ridge, mountain views being the deciding factor for their location. The architecture here again is similar to the local village’s homes you will pass by on your walks. Mud plastered lime stone bricks and slated tiled roofs look and feel completely a part of the gardens and woodlands that have been left to flourish naturally while keeping intrusive foreign plantation to a minimum. Most of the cottages are a set of two rooms one on the ground level and the second on a floor above. Each cottage has a sit-out and opens into a bedroom cum living area, large windows with net and glass for protection and large glass doors to ensure light and air; a brief dressing room and luggage area connects to a modern bathroom. Small details like flip-flops, dressing gowns, umbrellas, torch lights, oil heaters for winter, a bedside flask with purified water, books, board games and special toiletries ensure thoughtful comfort while rugs by the bed, reading lamps, a tea service, fresh flowers, four poster beds with a net curtain spell warmth and an undeniable charm very signature to the lodge. When you slip into your four-poster bed at night, the netting turned in – sleep in bliss and you will wake up early only to see Machhapuchhare in her morning glory!

Unless you are stopping enroute to your trek in the Himalayas or on return, the recommended minimum number of nights that people spend in Pokhara is three to four nights to explore around and to enjoy the lodge. As a base for trekkers heading to the higher Himalayas, the Lodge offers a haven of luxury and indulgence after the demands of a trek. At this time a recuperative massage is the ultimate treat. Asian massage techniques are offered in the privacy of your room. Local men and women have been trained in skills that aid in relaxation by working on the body’s meridian points. Private yoga sessions led by a skilled master are available. A swimming pool set high to the views of the mountains is another area to relax and enjoy the views.

The lodge offers various walks that allow you to explore the area with skilled local guides part of the lodge staff. With emphasis on the rich local culture, birding, flora, butterflies or just plain exercise, there is a walk as gentle or active as any guest could wish. Short forest and village walks, the Gurung Village hike, Pokhara Valley rim and Naudanda hike, Begnas Lake walk , Himalayan trekking and seasonal white water rafting etc are some of the things to do besides visits to Pokhara and the Phewa Lake.





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Use Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge for its excellent range of walks and hikes with top-rated guides. Alternately, it is the perfect indulgence after days on the most famous trekking trails around Annapurna.



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Beautiful people, Beautiful view, Beautifil connection
by freestyleclassic on 03/19/2019

Amazing people with heart felt smiles that greets you always and ready to help , and waking up every morning with the Himalaya snow mountain view right outside of your window is something else...

Amazing service and view
by JBtravel66 on 03/19/2019

Lounge outside town, peaceful and wonderful accommodations. On the hills with wonderful view of the Himalayan mountains. Impeccable service. Wonderful food and great comfortable chalés and...

Breathtaking Views!
by NicoleClark24 on 03/15/2019

We stayed 2 nights at Tiger Mountain Lodge after hiking thru the Annapurna range. It was a lovely place to relax and take in the breathtaking views. My favorite spot was at the pool at sunrise to...


Rooms contain backgammon, draughts, chess and Bag Chaal as well as playing cards and a range of topical literature.
The pool is UNSUPERVISED and unheated. Please do NOT dive into the pool. All swimming is entirely at guests’ own risk. Under no circumstances are children under 16 permitted to swim unless supervised by their parents or guardians. The depth at the shallow end is 4 feet (1.22 metres) and at the deep end 6 feet (1.83 metres). Towels and deck chairs are provided at the pool side. The pool is kept clean with copper ions and is checked daily to maintain reasonable levels.
This is perhaps the most exhilarating experience available in the Pokhara Valley. You soar like an eagle with the majestic peaks as a backdrop and the birds as your companions. Professional companies, with the approval of the Nepalese Civil Aviation Authority, operate this service. The pilots are all fully trained.
A range of village walks are available escorted by our expert local guides. Ranging from a couple of hours to a full-day hike with picnic lunch and all between, the choice of emphasis, be it flora / fauna, cultural exploration or just plain exercise is yours.
We can arrange treks and white-water rafting on Nepal’s dramatic rivers. We can arrange a short but exciting seasonal rafting trip on the rapids of the upper reaches of the Seti River. A 45 minute drive to the north of Pokhara Bazaar brings you to the start point at the confluence of the Mordi and Seti Rivers. After a safety briefing, you start a 2 to 3 hour descent of a series of rapids on the Seti before reaching Phusre, the end-point. From there you will drive back to Pokhara Lakeside (about 30 minutes) where we will collect you. Additional time for exploring the Lakeside can be included.
Our expert guides will happily take you to explore the rich avifauna of the forests and farmland surrounding the lodge. For those less mobile, a wonderful array of birds can be seen from the lodge terrace. In winter, raptors are abundant and diverse soaring on the strong thermals generate by the valley topography.
To get a taste of what’s on offer, why not start with a short, guided walk around the lodge’s immediate vicinity. There are many trails utilised by the local residents, which lead through the villages, passing fields of millet, mustard, potatoes, and other crops, depending on the season. There are many different species of plants, some used for medicinal purposes, which will be pointed out by our experienced guides. There is also an abundance of birds. Specialist bird-watching walks can easily be arranged for keen birders. We can also provide a checklist of birds and butterflies for the area. Field guides are available from the Col. Jimmy’s Library. Please let the guide know your interests and how long you wish to walk;
We can arrange the services of an expert Masseur / Masseuse to relax tired muscles after a trek or just to while away the tensions of modern life in the privacy of your own room. Professionally trained, our masseurs are skilled in Ayurvedic, Hara, Shiatsu, and Reiki. These are traditional Asian massage techniques based on manipulation and use of the body’s meridian pressure points. Ayurveda was founded in India thousands of years ago and retains wide usage to date. Yoga training is available for beginners or those already more experienced. This can range from basic breathing (pranayam) and simple postures (asanas) to the more advanced levels. Meditation sessions are also available. We need 2 to 3 hours advance notice for these services, which are subject to extra charge. Details are available at the Bar.
Please ask us if you want to take mountain bikes and explore. We will need 12 hours notice
Lalu, Head Cook, and his team will happily prepare a special picnic breakfast or lunch for you.
While staying, please ask our Operations staff regarding a range of day trips to explore the Pokhara Valley and its surroundings.
We can arrange a short but exciting seasonal rafting trip on the rapids of the upper reaches of the Seti River. A 45 minute drive to the north of Pokhara Bazaar brings you to the start point at the confluence of the Mordi and Seti Rivers. After a safety briefing, you start a 2 to 3 hour descent of a series of rapids on the Seti before reaching Phusre, the end-point. From there you will drive back to Pokhara Lakeside (about 30 minutes) where we will collect you. Additional time for exploring the Lakeside can be included.

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Nearest Airport : Kathmandu - 190 Km
Nearest Railway Station : NA
Nearest Bus Station : Pokhara - 14 km

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Cancellation more than 60 days prior to arrival will incur a full refund

Cancellation less than 60 and more than 30 days prior to arrival will incur a cancellation fee of 50%.

Cancellation less than 30 days and more than 15 days prior to arrival will incur a cancellation fee of 75%.

Cancellation less than 15 days prior to arrival will incur a cancellation fee of 100%.

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A deposit of up to 50% of the booking cost may be charged 45 days prior to arrival date or, if the booking is made less than 45 days prior to arrival date, at the time of booking. Receipt of a deposit will secure confirmed booking. Deposits are refundable in accordance with the cancellation charges . A pro-forma invoice will be issued for the collection of deposits. Short notice bookings (less than 15 days prior to arrival) will be subject to full payment in advance.