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Amber Fort


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A fascinating peak back into the days of the Maharajahs
by Sunnytoes54 on 12/12/2017

Located about an hour northwest of the pink city, the Amber Fort is probably the most impressive site in all of Jaipur. With its massive yellow walls dominating the skyline, this testament to the...

Spectacular views and Fort
by Ishiarusha on 12/12/2017

Well worth a visit. An elephant ride up to the fort gave you time to enjoy the views. A very interesting place with great views of a lake and saffron garden, the fort wall.

Main attraction, can’t miss in Jaipur
by FormerWorldTraveller on 12/12/2017

Amber Fort is one of the main tourist sites and there is a lot to see. Starting with how to get there - the most popular way is the elephant ride up, then there is a Jeep ride for those without their...