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Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary


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Safari Trail
by sahil0202 on 10/08/2017

Reaching Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is a task, it's a long drive up the hill and the roads are bad. Once you reach there, please do go for a guide as there are not too many animals in the jungle and...

Awesome place
by Gurpreet S on 07/04/2017

The wildlife sanctuary is a treat for nature lovers .. the bright red rhodendendrons add so much colour to the jungle that it mesmerises you. The view from the zero point is spectacular and the walk...

Super awesome Trek!!????????
by Nidhi R on 06/30/2017

we started our trek from pithsain few kms from thalisain. Pithsain is the last stop for bus or taxi , from there the trek is about 12 km upto shiva temple and around 15-16km upto Brahma dhungi.Its...