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Chitai Temple


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Temple visit
by Lokjoshi on 08/21/2017

The temple generates a postive aura in and around the vicinity.It is also that your prayers are answered and your wishes fullfilled on a visit to this temple.Beware of monkeys that might be lingering...

A very different experience! Must visit
by Amol K on 06/17/2017

We were amazed to see this temple. People around this area believe - that if you make a wish here - it will be fulfilled. Its also know for devta of justice - people attach stamp papers with their...

Chita/Goludev Temple
by k1tushat on 06/04/2017

Being one of the most popular temples this side, you may expect a sizeable crowd. The temple though is unique for its string of Bells which abound in the precincts - considering folks have their...