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Jageshwar Dham


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Peaceful and no frisk temple
by shobhit s on 09/09/2018

Old temple with Ram Seeta conjoined Tree. Nice place to hang out. Ideal for families and picturesque location.

Got to see the 8th century marvel
by D S on 09/09/2018

Jageshwar dham is a must if you are in this area. Things that I liked the most were: 1. Museum with all the sculptures from the temples as they could get stolen and they have in the past. This art is...

Jageshwar Dham
by ShikhaG239 on 09/02/2018

Jageshwar Dham or Temple is located 36km away from Almora. This is one of the oldest temple of Lord Shiva. Jageshwar temple is cluster of around 124 large and small temples. Very beautiful. You have...