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Jageshwar Dham


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Interesting architect worth a visit
by Nanakolkata on 11/12/2018

A large number of Hindu temples are to be found in the valley of Jageshwar hills nearly 30Kms. away from Almora town. Most of them are built from stones and are of varying sizes. ASI is managing the...

A perfect place to pray
by kanika a on 10/22/2018

I have been to Jageshwar Dham a couple of times and not once i feel like going back. The peaceful and serene environs make you want to stay there for ever. The amalgamation of 101 shiva temple dating...

Old temples
by poojabansal on 10/20/2018

Jageshwar and Jageshwar Dham are the same. There are two big temples here wherein the shivlinga is workshipped. There are some people who come here to perform special pujas. The temples are very...