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Bright End Corner


TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

NOT a must visit place
by Gaurav G on 05/10/2017

Though you can find this spot famous on internet and travelling sites, but it is not a must visit tourist spot. View of sun you can see from here is not much different what you can see from the...

Mesmerizing view of mountains!
by RAJENDRA884 on 04/25/2017

I was on my way to Jageshwar in the morning and happened to cross this place and what a delight it was, an excellent spot to be there for great photographs and breath of fresh air.

Amazing views of the Almore mountains
by Traveler1384 on 09/28/2016

Bright end corner is curve on the road while your way to Almora. It has some great views of the Almora mountains from there.