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Bamni Dadar


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Bamhani dadar
by infoindia on 04/22/2017

Bamhani dadar use to b open for safaris in kanha . But as now park is open only 20 % Bamhani dadar area is being closed for tourism . It's the highest point of kanha forest. One can enjoy beautiful...

Top most point in Kanha
by prashant d on 10/13/2016

As per the guide..this place used to be a airstrip in older days...later on it was desserted...its a nice place to see sunrise and sunset...the proximity of sighting Bears is most in this place...and...

visited once
by Prashant N on 08/03/2016

We were in Kanha for a week and visited this place. I think you should only visit if you have time at your disposal