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Khajuraho Temples


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Superb Architecture
by Zaheer C on 03/20/2018

It is situated about 200kms from Jhansi and 400 kms about from Bhopal. Khajuraho is known for its world famous heritage elegance. And it's famous for it's sculpture artwork on sandstone. it is the...

by arunsharmaJalandhar on 03/18/2018

Visited the temples during morning. It was a great occasion to have a glimpse of each temple and it's uniqueness. It has well developed art present in each temple It has historical facts about...

Grandeur of the past
by achal_mehra on 03/17/2018

khajuraho temples are probably the most amazing tourist wonder in India, i would rate them much ahead of the Taj in terms of architecture , grandeur and romance. The sound and light show in the...