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Stakna Monastery


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Wonderful all-round views
by Lovers_paradise on 09/03/2018

Perched on a small hilltop across the left bank of the River Indus and located some 20 km from Leh city, the Stakna Monastery in Ladakh belongs to the Drugpa sect of Buddhism. There is a clear 360...

Nice view of indus river and hills around
by RahatS35 on 07/14/2018

This monastery is 40km away from Leh city and on the way to Hemis monastery. It is not much visited by the tourists. One can get a nice view of indus river from here. Can be skipped if short of time

by Anirban R on 07/03/2018

This is on the way to leh from Hemis monastery. Good one but bit old and less maintained. TRhe view of Indus from the top is very nice.