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Must Visit Place in Leh
by Shashvat_dixit on 11/14/2018

Must Visit Place in Leh, Full of patriotism, Gives you Goosebumps when you visit it. A museum of our army maintained by army. Such a nice place, you can spend 2/3 hours and if you travel with...

by Freedom54952488570 on 11/13/2018

This place is so epic, it evokes patriotism, it is quite inforamative and tries to tell you the story the beautiful valleys of Ladakh, you must visit it, it is also near the airport.

Love for the motherland
by suruchijain on 11/12/2018

Must visit the place as a homage for the people who have laid their lives for the love of our own motherland. Be in awe for the bravery our soldiers have protected us with. Get goosebumps seeing the...