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Anjuna Market, Goa

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by Girish_Gulgulia on 10/11/2017

Located on one of most lively beaches in goa, the Anjuna beach flee market has become all tourists must visit destination in Goa. Small stalls of colourful clothes, ornaments and few handicrafts...

What more can I say?
by JoJoSmithUK on 10/08/2017

Anjuna market has grown immensely since my first visit in 1989, and a lot of the stuff for sale these days is mass-produced tat. However, if you take the time to really look around you’ll find...

Wednesday Flea market
by Vijay B on 10/03/2017

If you enjoy shopping, this is the best place to visit. Bargain for the things is must. It is always very crowded. You will get everything you want. This flea market is only on Wednesday