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Damdama Lake


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Lake on construction of a dam constructed by the British for rain water harvesting in 1947.
by asis2015 on 06/12/2018

The lake is spread in the shape of an amoeba and has several branches. A nice spot to visit any time of the year. A natural home for birds, & huge species of birds, migratory as well as local, visit...

There is No lake
by not-a-big-city-girl on 04/15/2018

The lake is gone. It’s just empty space where it used to be. It’s so sad. There is nothing more to say. We humans just kill everything

Not good to visit. Boring Place ever visited
by Parth M on 04/12/2018

I have been there during my college time as it was near to my college and there is nothing to see. The picture you see is totally fake type. Nothing is like that. There is lake area where there is no...