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Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary


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Birders delight
by rajesh612001 on 12/09/2018

Must visit for migratory birds. Weekends are crowded but other days have few visitors. The charges for bird guides are not fixed so one is not sure about how much to pay.

Birding at Sultanpur sanctuary
by sophiarnd on 12/06/2018

A good place to carry out birding but be wary of hooligans who are abundant as I don’t think there are any staff patrolling or any cameras installed. I wouldn’t advise ladies to walk around alone at...

by wallacejain on 12/01/2018

Located about 20 km from the city of Gurugram and about 40 km from Indira Gandhi international airport, this 350 Acre national park is basically a bird park. Sadly, due to depletion of water in the...