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Rabindra Sarovar


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Big Lake
by Niya1315 on 06/30/2019

Rabindra Sarovar is a big lake area in the middle of the Kolkata city. The nearest sub urban railway station is Lake Garden. I reached here in the evening. No entry fee. Photography is also allowed...

Enjoy but no littering please
by Kalyan L on 06/24/2019

Morning walkers come here in droves. But that is not the best time to visit. An hour before sunset, at any season of the year, is the best. Enter the park either from the Rowing Club end or the...

The lungs of South Kolkata
by smarajitd2015 on 06/17/2019

The only place of sanity in this congested and polluted city. A walk in this strictly controlled (pollution wise) green area surrounding a wide water body is truly refreshing; be it jogging in the...