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Darjeeling Toy Train


TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Best journey of my life
by neha763 on 08/28/2018

I have to buy ticket in black but it was very special journey. Journey was the best park of this visit.

Enjoy the ride!
by Sammywammywoodles on 08/28/2018

This quaint train can be enjoyed for 2or 7 hours! If the sky is clear the views are amazing. Select the steam or Diesel engine and enjoy chugging along the mini tracks.

Travel to History with DHR
by Sankar Kumar M on 08/27/2018

If you are in Darjeeling or planning to do so within few months...... don't forget to buy tickets for the Joyride Steam engine of Darjeeling Himalayan Railways..;.;.... It will be your memorable...