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Mahakal Temple


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Great place to experience the co-existence of Hinduism and Buddhism
by airy06 on 01/04/2018

We visited the temple at twilight and stayed there to see the evening prayer. The Priest was more like a Buddhist monk. There was no rush for Puja, you can take your time ! Beware of monkeys !! If...

Never Seen So Many Prayer Flags
by Bilaspur on 01/04/2018

An active place of worship for both Budhists and Hindus. Something not seen often. A pleasant walk up to the temples with more multicolored prayer flags than I've ever seen.

Nice walk from Windamere
by Anshumanafsa on 12/06/2017

A steep walk up from the windamere hotel. Pathway lined with beggars and mendicants. There are a lot of temples once you reach the top. The main ones are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Buddha. The great...