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Top Ten Reasons to Choose a RARE hotel | September - 2015








Connectivity, learning experiences, creating shared value, host interactions, luxury breaks, walking, riding, cycling, spa and more. There are many reasons to choose a RARE hotel.




Here is our top TEN for this month.

Feast your eyes on the beauty of Folk art called Phad Paintings at Shahpura Bagh. The Joshi’s are probably the last of the Phad painters in the region of Bhilwara District.
Watch the Havelis tell a silent story of the common man and his business that changed the landscape of a region, as you walk the heritage lanes of Churu during a stay at Malji Ka Kamra.
Experience a living palace at the Stok Palace and be hosted by the King of Ladakh, 34th in line of the Namgyal dynasty.
Be a part of a festival that celebrates the tenets of Sikhism at the Holla Mohalla in Anantpur Sahib staying at the Citrus County, Hoshiarpur in Punjab.
Wake up to spectacular sunrise at Ramathra Fort, and sleep under a sea of stars. A walk around the lake and fort is probably the best way to take in the views. 




Spend a night under the sky out in the wild while you check into the incredibly romantic ‘Star Bed’ at Jamtara Wilderness, Pench, M.P.
Explore a well curated museum that houses the dairies, object d’art, books and other valuable collections of Thakur Amar Singh of Kanota at Castle Kanota, near Rajasthan.
Experience “Joy of giving” a generous program aimed to involve the local community while staying at Shreyas Yoga Retreat near Bangalore.
‘Darjeeling’ is Tea, one of the first Geographical Index* tagged products in India. Be part of a tea plantation at Glenburn Tea Estate and see the process of growing, plucking, curing and packaging tea.
‘Thanjavur Veena’ is a GI tagged handicraft and you can see the process of making this veena while staying at Svatma, Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu.

*Geographical Index identifies the originality of the given product in a region or locality.