A ‘RARE’ Story

Our first logo was an unconscious leaning towards the natural world, nudged gently by our partners who laid the tentative foundation for what RARE was to be. As years went by ‘conscious travel’ was a commitment that redefined luxury through experiences that were sustainable and regenerative.

The logo for RARE 2.0 literally presented itself as a metaphor for change, a change led by travel and the community. Familiar as Maidenhair tree, Ginkgo biloba is a living fossil, a timeless survivor originally from the East deliberately propagated by avid tree lovers and is found in almost every continent.

It’s delicate leaf, often duplicated in gold as an adornment is RARE’s metaphor for ‘conscious luxury travel’ - a universal commitment towards sustainable and regenerative travel.

RAREIndia.com is a vocal and passionate partner of small, private, concept hotels with a sharp focus on ‘conscious travel’. Charged by a simple idea of preferring unusual routes and unheard of ideas in hospitality, RARE India was born in 2004.

Churhat Kothi in Bandhvagarh, our first lodge onboard was one of the best conservation based lodges in the country which set the blue print for RARE. Soon similar hotels joined us – Chhatra Sagar, Shahpura Bagh, Ramathra Fort, Bhainsrorgarh Fort, Windermere Estate, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, Sarai at Toria each one with compelling stories in unique locations.

The market for experiential travel was very niche and through powerful narratives we had the attention of world travellers. It was in 2009, the travel dynamic pitched us in the middle of a renaissance – a travel renaissance! And RARE in a happy coincidence of time and space found its relevance.

Even as our story unfolds through the pandemic and after.... RARE continues to celebrate a community of lateral thinkers, small, private and intimate non-hotels hosted or created by passionate owners with stories to tell – film makers, wildlife lovers, conservationists, photographers, poets, adventurers, tradition keepers, artists, architects, writers, river runners …..

Our curated collective is a tribute to a community of hoteliers who have taken the tough route to success and have been with us from the day we began or just. In promoting them tirelessly we aim to enhance travel experiences in India and the subcontinent and challenge traveller mindset towards mindful and conscious explorations.

WHAT is RARE India?

We are a Consultancy, Marketing, Sales, Communication & PR company that excels at promoting travel experiences and hotels that include homestays, retreats, wildlife lodges, heritage palaces and forts.

WHY we do what we do?

RARE India is committed to driving authenticity, transformations and to create value in the travel and hospitality space. We imbue trends and innovations in an industry that is dynamic and grudgingly celebrates disruption. RARE was among the first movers who promoted destinations though experiences, many barely on the map and now asserting the need for conscious travel and sustainable luxury. Much of this envisioned through owner run hotels constantly transforming the travel landscape through efficient communication and persuasive stories.

HOW do we do what we do?

We connect world travellers to the Indian subcontinent through destinations tucked away and off the busy highways, with visual stories, knowledge, expert lead immersions. All of this from lodges, retreats and palace hotels that curate the destination for you to experience, participate and create value. In the posse of hotels we bring to you, you have them all - villages, hamlets, forests and iconic cities - thriving, dynamic and moving with personal stories of conservation and achievements, colors and contrasts, intangible heritage, history and MAGIC.