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Bhainsrorgarh Fort

Bhainsrorgarh Fort Hotel, Bhainsrorgarh, Rajasthan, India

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About Bhainsrorgarh Fort

Bhainsrorgarh has the proud claim of being one of the oldest continually inhabited forts,being used since 2nd century BC, originally built by the ‘Ror’ people. Its vantagelocation between the Chambal and Bamani rivers not only bestow Bhainsrorgarh withunmatched natural beauty but also a historical significance buoyed by the fact that it isalmost equidistant from major historical towns of regal India such as Jaipur, Udaipur,Ujjain, Indore and Jodhpur.

Every corner of the fort turned heritage boutique hotel homes in it plenty of stories. It is located high above the glistening Chambal river, on a steep slate ridge at about 200 ft high. The breathtaking view of and from the fort is ample to put any weary traveller at ease. Slightly off from the tourist circuits and usual tropes, Bhainsrorgarh is truly special, amidst the hundreds of other palaces turned hotels. The homely vibe of the resident royal family, plush rooms and the dramatic view are reasons for this. It is said that when British historian Col. James Todd laid eyes on this mesmerizing palace, he said that if he was offered a jagir in Rajasthan and had an option to choose, he would never pass an opportunity to make Bhainsrorgarh his home. The fort offers an incredible experience for those who want to veer off the popular circuits, and get a flavour of true Rajasthani hospitality.

Bhainsrorgarh Fort is a perfection of the Rajasthani architecture, tastefully restored andconserved with the true spirit of hospitality infused into every aspect and aesthetics. Each room is spacious and airy, dotted with antiques, high wood-panelled ceilings, display cabinets of family treasures, mounted animal trophies, old lamps, curios and sepia photographs. Stay at Bhainsrorgarh is a veritable time travel, unravelling the true meaning ofrelaxation and respite.Every corner has a story to tell with antiques and spoils of gaming breathing life into atimeless edifice. Much of the traditional furniture has been repurposed to accommodatethe modern standards of comfort and luxury. Stained glass windows mark manywindows which open to breathtaking views of Chambal and beyond.Expansive balconies and verandas, open terraces and aesthetically done pavilions or Chattris provideyou with spaces to romance the landscape, your thoughts or the special someone.


Bhainsrorgarh Fort has nine rooms in all, each one of them with their own characteristic charm and views.There are five suites and four deluxe rooms in the property.


Mewar Suite is the largest and perfect to unwind. The Mewar Suite is the largest of them, with alcoves fashioned as sit-outs – an ideal lounging spot with awe-inspiring vista of the gardens and Chambal.


The Fateh Vilas Suite and Bhainsrorgarh Suite overlook the great Chambal River. The Fateh Vilas and Chundaji Suites overlook the inner courtyard. These two suites on the first floor are popular with the loyalpatrons of Bhainsrorgarh. Chundaji Suitehas the river on one side and the garden on the other while Fateh Vilas suite has abalcony overlooking the river. Expansive balconies offeringperfect sit-outs looking out to the river are staple for the suites. Game trophies and old photographs of the royalfamily's hunting expeditions adorn the walls of the spacious lobby.

On the ground floor is Himmat Vilas Suite named after Late Rawat Himmat Singhji, arenowned poet and father of the present owner Rawat Shiv Charan Singhji. This suitehas a private terrace andbalcony, overlooks the garden with fantastic views of the river.

In addition to the five suites, Four Deluxe Rooms are set around the outer courtyardwith views of the village outside the fort ramparts.


Dining at Bhainsrorgarh translates to taking in the flavour of history. Age old recipes passed on from generations are used in the kitchen even till date, so that guests can remember the authentic flavours of Rajasthan. The dining areas include personal alcoves overlooking the river or. A perfectly laid out meal on the terrace, under the stars. The gourmet cuisine are equally delectable as the views.

Nestled in the lap of nature’s glory, perched on 200 feet vertical ‘slate’ cliff overlookingrivers Chambal and Bamani, the life-giving waters have spawned beauty, both naturaland man-made. Cradle of historical settlements for millennia, Bhainsrorgarh spoils youwith choice of historical and cultural immersions.The Badoli Temple Complex is the epitome of architectural brilliance, having existedsince the 9th century AD. A short 15 minutes’ drive, this is a must experience for anindulgence in the exquisite and fine.

Early mornings and evenings are when avifauna of the region come alive and is bestexperienced from the quite hull of a country boat. Glimpses of reticent Muggers(crocodiles) sprawled on thesandy banks are eerily relaxing. Combine this with a picnicand cooking demonstrations. An evening drive through the idyllic landscapes visitingtribal villages on the edges of the jungle, as the people retire the animals stir to action atthe Mukundarrah Hills Tiger Reserve & National Park.

Great For

To veer off the well-trodden Rajasthan trails to a property for discerning travellers. Bhainsrorgarh is great to hit the breaks to a packed itinerary and take in the slow countryside life. It also gives you the chance to interact and stay with royalty and get a peek into their lives and warm hospitality.

Bhainsrorgarh is open all year.

The meticulous refurbishment of the fort into a hotel contributes to preserving the slice of history in this region of Rajasthan.The historical relevance of Bhainsrorgarh Fort continues to live on, thanks to the steps taken by the royal family and keeping the fort alive.

Gentle and heart-warming hospitality is the cornerstone of Bhainsrorgarh, and reason to be part of RARE’s collective of hotels that look at responsible tourism holistically.

The property hires staff from around, contributing to the local community’s economy.

Bhainsrorgarh is an ancient fort, a place of a recluse for the weary warriors and hunters.The imposing structures and edifice of the fort imbibe in travellers a sense of safety andcalm. Blessed withunparalleled natural beauty, an unbroken legacy of rich heritage andculture gives Bhainsrorgarh an aura of the timeless.

The royal family-in-residence has thrown open the fort’s daunting doors to personallytake care of your comforts and spoil you with gourmet meals. Little wonder that it hasfeatured twice - in 2008 and 2009 as the Best Heritage Hotel in India by Tatler TravelGuide, UK. The fort was built in 1741 by Rawat Lal Singh who was conferred upon thetitle of “Rawat” and granted this jagir by Maharana Jagat Singh II of Mewar. The Chief ofBhainsrorgarh was amongst the 16 first-class nobles of Mewar. The Jagir ofBhainsrorgarh holds great importance to the Chundawat clan as it was granted to the crown prince Rao Chunda Ji after he renounced the throne of Mewar in favour of his to-be-born stepbrother in the 14th Century A.D. Rawat Shiv Charan Singh who is the present owner ofBhainsrorgarh Fort is the ninth in the line of succession since RawatLal Singh.

A riverside oasis of calm and elegance
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A gourmet meal overlooking the river is a must during your stay at Bhainsrorgarh Fort. Add to that, a terrace meal at night to dine under the stars. Choose the Fateh Vilas Suite and Bhainsrorgarh Suite, that overlook the snaking Chambal River.



TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

A wonderful Rajhastani experience
by Go33571702774 on 04/30/2020

We had the most lovely suite - slightly larger than our home, and furnished with period furniture. Comforatable bed and large bathroom with good shower. Fantastic position and meals were taken...

A truly awesome hotel bit some surprises.
by davemartin3 on 03/16/2020

It was a long and bumpy ride to this hotel but was well worth it. When we arrived we were blown away by the setting, the rooms, the welcome and the visual impact. The rooftop restaurant was equally...

A perfect place to see this area of Rajasthan
by Anna H on 03/05/2020

If you enjoy Indian history combined with authenticity then Bhainsrorgarh is the palace for you. The family are in residence & take great care of their guests, the rooms are comfortable but not...


We organize cooking demonstrations at the property where we cook and share our authentic recipes with the guests. We can also arrange for the guests to go shopping for spices to the nearby town market, procure all the ingredients and cook with us.
Jeep drive to the tribal villages: Bhainsrorgarh's proximity to the Chambal River has resulted in a picturesque landscape dotted with small villages. A ride through the country side in an open four-by-four takes you through farms of wheat and mustard, typical villages under local governance and a tribal village which continue to live without electricity. The drive that takes you over half an hour from the fort finally ends near the village of Balapura that rests by the edge of a reservoir. Ideally timed before sunset, tea and biscuits are organized for guests while they take in the beauty and tranquility of a sunset in the country side - birds settling down to the day's end, stealthy jungle cats getting ready for their nocturnal prowls, village sounds of temple bells and the hustle of evening chores. Duration: 02 Hours
Boating in the river in a comfortable country boat for about 1.15 Hours. Usually this one is enjoyed early morning or in the evenings when there is more bird activity. Muggers (Crocodiles) can also be seen basking in the sun on the shores/ the island or popping their heads out from the water while you are boating in the Chambal River. The boatmen will take you around the island in the Chambal and to tributary of the Chambal called the Bamani River along the Fort wall which is partially submerged in water. We can also serve you tea and coffee on board
Angling can be done in Chambal River, where you can hook the popular Mahseer Fish or the Silund which also is a fierce fighter once hooked.
Picnic Lunches on an island from where one can site Mugger Crocodiles. Mugger sighting from your room or from the Terrace also is a regular feature. Apart from this Island we also organize picnics at one our lakes in the forest nearby. Also, on special request we can arrange for cooking session while on picnic where we cook some of the jungle recipes with limited ingredients reminiscent of the hunting camps during the Raj.
A day picnic at the Hinglaj Garh Fort which is tucked in thick forest. The approach to this fort is through the forest which makes the drive highly pleasurable. On the way you can spot Chinkaras and Blue Bulls or if lucky you could also sight a sloth bear or a Leopard. Duration: A days excursion. The guest leave after breakfast and return back by 1600 Hrs. Game drive in the Mukundara Hills National Park. Though there are less chances of spotting many wild animals but the drive is very scenic and there are a lot of birds. It is unique from other game reserves as you can walk also and you do not get to see any other tourist vehicles unlike all the other parks. This park has been declared as a Tiger Reserve in April 2013 therefore very soon Tigers would be trans - located here. Duration: 05 to 06 Hours.

Attractions & Excursions

Nearest Airport : Udaipur - 235 Km
Nearest Railway Station : Kota - 50 Km
Nearest Bus Station : Rawat Bata - 8 Km


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