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Castle Kanota

Castle Kanota Hotel, Kanauta, Rajasthan, India

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About Castle Kanota

Founded in 1727 by Maharaj Jai Singh II, Jaipur is the befitting regal capital for the royal
state of Rajasthan, the cynosure of Indian architecture and sentinels of an age-old
heritage celebrated by Indians, Indophiles the world over. Kanota Thikana was
established by Thakur Zorawar Singh. Spread over 19 Bighas (8 Acres) of land, Castle
Kanota is truly a magnificent experience, a destination unto itself erected in 1872 just 15
km east of Jaipur on the Jaipur-Agra Highway. Today, Kanota Thikana stands as an
oasis close to the bustling city of Jaipur, preserving the charm and sophistication of the
erstwhile royalty that marked Jaipur.

Castle Kanota is truly a magnificent edifice, spread over 19 Bighas (8 Acres) of land. It
was built in 1872 with a museum and a library which displays gold work and unique
collection of rare books, the castle transports you back to the romantic grandeur of the
past. Castle Kanota is the epitome of rural tourism, a living memoir of a family
reconnecting to its roots.

Castle Kanota was built at a time when open spaces were prized for the communion it
brings between man and nature. This historic castle has many open spaces and fruit
orchards. The structure itself has been beautifully renovated and tastefully decorated.
Operated by the members of the erstwhile royal family, Castle Kanota imparts an
intimacy and warmth of a loving family home even as you are mesmerized by the
grandeur of Rajput lavishness as espoused in the exquisitely decorated walls, ceilings
embellished with frescoes and paintings. The period furniture placed all over the hotel is
as much a visual delight as it is comfortable.

The ambience of Castle Kanota is unique, even as heritage hotels of Rajasthan go, with
an enchanting facade and unmatched interiors making the stay here an unforgettable
experience. This heritage hotel is a unique retreat where one can enjoy traditional
Rajput hospitality with all modern amenities in the old ambience.

With a Majestic Durbar Hall, Golden Suite, and a big beautiful garden with a fruit
orchard, the fortified medieval castle is a veritable time travel. The Castle Library (Pothi
Khana) has gold work and unique collection of over 10,000 rare books, manuscripts,
miniatures and a very rich armoury from the 16th century. Cannons procured form the
British Navy make for aesthetic appeal today but stood guard against invaders in the
past. Horses and camels form an integral part of the castle experience.

Perfectly RARE
Castle Kanota harks back to a time of Maharajas, a learned sophistication of tastes,
culture and arts marking every aspect of life. This grandiose of existence is palpable
everywhere at Castle Kanota, be it the tastefully preserved, conserved and redone living
spaces, the sprawling gardens inspired by the royals of India and outside, culinary
prowess honed over centuries or the one-of-a-kind museum with a personal diary that
chronicles the life then.

Know your Host
Originally hailing from the Champawat family of Pilwa, an estate of Jodhpur, Thakur
Zorawar Singh came to Jaipur in the year 1869 to serve in the Jaipur administrative
service. His outstanding abilities as an administrator and sportsman propelled him into
the enviable position as the confidant of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh of Jaipur. By the
end of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh’s reign, he had established himself as a prominent
noble in Jaipur state and played a very important role in the succession of Maharaja
Sawai Madho Singh to the throne of Jaipur. He served the Jaipur royal family for 46
years. Today, his successors carry on the legacy, creating a niche in heritage
hospitality, showcasing everything great and good about Rajasthan.

Castle Kanota features 23 spacious air-conditioned rooms, each with an authentic royal
atmosphere. All the rooms and suites tell a unique story of a bygone era; majestic and
regal while being synonymous with great comfort. Set amidst an old village, the
tranquillity is broken by sounds of nature. Rooms are decked with traditional and
decadent furniture, paintings of Indian Maharajas and more presenting you with a
glimpse of the glorious past of Rajwada.

Thakur Amar Singh Ji, famous for writing the world’s longest continuous diaries, also
authored a series of notes on recipes, detailing even specifics such as the type of metal
utensils for cooking particular dishes. As an ongoing endeavour of cultural preservation
at Castle Kanota, the revival of ancient royal cuisine or “Thikana” recipes has found a
natural expression in the kitchens here.
Thakur Amar Singh Ji has a taste for the finest in food and chronicled with great care
and detail his culinary experiences during his lifetime. Many of these recipes are not
found elsewhere. Each of these epicurean masterpieces is crafted under the strict yet
loving supervision of the family members, with every meal culminating into a once-in-a-
lifetime experience for all.

Since 1863, the family kitchens of Kanota have kept alive the tradition, continuing the
centuries-old practice of following the original secret recipe in the same traditional way.
From the quotidian delicacies such as Dal Bati Churma to the more exotic dishes and
drinks, the heritage food and brews here are winning hearts of connoisseurs for
generations now. One of the popular heritage brews, Chandrahaas is a blend of natural
ingredients of 80 herbs, spices and dry fruits, distilled and matured in wooden casks.

Important to Know

Great For
A family getaway, a special occasion, an ideal way to recharge, a perfect heritage hotel
and exploring the regality of the city of Jaipur while retreating to the serene oasis of
Kanota’s country estate. The sprawling gardens and private accommodations make it
ideal for destination weddings too.

Open all year

60+ is the new 40+:
Castle Kanota is spread across a large garden, fortified and made beautiful with curated
gardens. Ideal for a walk through the garden paths or a walk in the village around brings
you into contact with an India that has retained much of its old charm.

For the Young:
Cycling tours around the villages near Castle Kanota is an active experience cherished
by many. A short drive away, Jaipur offers a lot of experiences and a vibrant nightlife.

The Marigold Cycle Tour takes you through the charming streets of Jaipur along the
“Ghat ki Guni”, experiencing the city and its idyllic surroundings in an intimate way.

The collections of General Amar Singh Kanota Library & Museum Trust, housed at
Kanota, reflect a rich family tapestry. The collections hold many objects that date from
Thakur Zorawar Singh’s time, with gradual additions by other members of the family,
especially the multi-faceted General Amar Singh. Engross in these old memories.

Cooking demonstrations at Castle Kanota is a veritable time travel, a flavourful flight of
fantasy and wonder. Become privy to centuries-old secrets, closely guarded and now,
lovingly shared with everyone willing to learn.

A vacation in its true sense is a luxury but cannot be experienced without burning fossil
fuels and some amount of social, economic and environmental impact. However, given
the positive impact of tourism and hospitality, especially with concepts that are a part of
the RARE Community, we believe every vacation has the potential of being a conscious
choice and also a transformative experience through learning. These then have the
power to balance carbon footprints accumulated through travel. One of the key
differentiators of every RARE hotel is their commitment to the community and focus
towards being conscious of the impact of every tourism and hospitality activity.

Conservation of heritage and nature, no-motor activities, community engagement and
positive impact on their livelihood, intangible cultural heritage highlights and
transformations, sensitive land and resource use etc. are some constants that serve as
the common thread that connect all members of the RARE Community.

The RARE Touchstones are used by the hotels to self-evaluate on parameters that look
Eliminating Single Use Plastic
Safe Garbage Disposal
Water Conservation
Low Impact Tourism
Local Community Engagement
Heritage Conservation
Sensitive Destination Discovery
Wildlife, Nature & Habitat conservation
The Human Touch

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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Sadly just so so.
by Sharon C on 03/28/2020

We were here one night- the penultimate night before we had to quickly leave India because of Coronavirus. As you enter the grounds through gates and a high wall, all of India is left at the kerb...

Great experience all round
by Lissaclh on 02/24/2020

We only had one night here and would have liked to stay two. The home-cooked meals were lovely and the whole place had a great ambience with a fire pit outside in the Courtyard upstairs before dinner...

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
by KK78 on 02/16/2020

This hotel was booked by a tour I was on and was my favorite hotel of the trip. It’s stunning and unique with beautiful grounds, interesting history (there’s a museum onsite!) and every room is...


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Nearest Airport : Jaipur - 15 Km
Nearest Railway Station : Jaipur - 20 Km

Terms & Conditions

Early arrival is subject to availability. For guaranteed early check-in, reservation needs to be made starting from the previous night. Later check-outs are available on request and subject to availability.

All bookings must be guaranteed at the time of reservation by a Credit Card or Travel Agency. All major credit cards are accepted.

Two children up to 8 years of age can stay in the parent's room without an additional charge. However, a maximum of one child's bed can be placed in a room which will be provided at an additional charge.