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DVARA Siruvani

DVARA Siruvani, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

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5,000 - 7,400 /night

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About DVARA Siruvani

Older than the Himalayan mountains, the Western Ghats with over 27% of India’s flowering plants and an array of endemic wildlife represent a unique and diverse biophysical ecology as it runs parallel along the Western coasts of the Indian peninsular, contiguous in its forests, national parks and habitat. While most of these Ghats cover the state of Kerala and Karnataka there are some noteworthy spurts that fall into Tamil Nadu.

Tourism into Tamil Nadu typically is culture oriented and moves along the temple circuit while affording and promoting the neighboring state of Kerala with the experiences that revolve around wellness, birding and hills. But every now and then ( more often than you imagine) at RARE, we stumble upon experiences that breakaway from the usual and offer more than the expected; giving you opportunity to discover more than the typical.

A mere 60 minutes drive out of the Coimbatore city, towards Perumal kovil Pathy takes you past a developing rural belt that is spotted with small shops, temples and local tea stalls and yet what strikes you is the clean fresh air, the clouds that like chandelier hang around the hills and verdant greenery that only promises to get thicker and richer as you close in towards your destination.

A short driving distance from Isha Yoga Center and Dhyanalinga, Dvara Siruvani sits way past a local town, at the foothills of the dense western Ghats, by the edge of a reservoir, a stones throw away from the Siruvani waterfalls that is popularly regarded as being possibly the sweetest tasting water in the world. 

A perfectly apt stay for someone looking at connecting with oneself, nature and the world in a profound new way!

You are only still acclimatising, what with the vibrant colors and fresh air when the surprisingly quick drive brings you to the unassuming entrance doorway to Dvara, a doorway beyond which nests what we refer to as the perfect oasis: an intimate set up of a restaurant, library, open green areas, a kitchen garden, spa and 10 individual cottages dotted along the calm, blue rainwater harvested reservoir with green hills as backdrop.

Your first interaction with the staff is at the stand alone reception and this sets the tone of your stay, where you quickly come to realise that the pleasure you receive from the magnificent views from the property are equally matched by the team’s service and the attention to detail that has doubtless gone into establishing and managing the property.

One of the key themes of the property is the seamless integration of traditional with contemporary - Sprinklings of local elements are on view throughout the property, from each door that is unique in style and story, to traditional murals, art, antiquity, artefacts, furniture, traditional Madras tiles each animating stories of the rich Tamil culture, heritage and history.

The central garden is the main access route and in some manner can be regarded as the element that holds the property together. Pathways lead you to your private, tucked-away cottages, as well as the common areas that have been thoughtfully located in a cluster, at the end of the property. The spa, the kitchen garden and a dinner gazebo that can accommodate a few dozen guests are set away from the property for the sake of privacy.

The 7 pool cottages are sculpted along the waterbody, with large open-fronted bedrooms, an open to sky pool, sitting areas that lead to a private garden and have stunning views. The 3 garden cottages find their space on the right side of the property, similar in set up but sans the waterfront views. The sit-outs are perfect to catch a lazy snooze while lingering over the book you wanted to read if not distracted by the hovering visits of dragonflies and feathered beings by the day and stridulating chirping crickets and toads by dusk.

All cottages have smooth flooring, contemporary furnishing, cloud-like king sized beds, finely woven bedspreads, an array of local snacks, plenty of sunlight , fresh air, access to the outdoors along with a pleasant, uncluttered ( not to be mistaken with zen) style of décor where natural tones are at play with small bursts of colors. Aptly, the interiors reflect the pace and style that nature presents outside the rooms.

Aarogyam, the in-house restaurant serves traditional local along with a choice of continental cuisine. The resident chef is always available at meal times to offer personal recommendations or create a dish, entirely as per specification.

The team comprising mostly of locals ( expect the specialised team responsible for the spa treatments) are an enthusiastic group, well trained and happy to show you around, engage with you regarding the selection of activities that you choose from, respond to your every question, be it on cuisines, about the locals and of course, the parent group's ideology and philosophy. The hotels prides itself in its eco-friendly and sustainable approach. Guests are provided with a reusable drinking water bottle and the rooms are devoid of plastic. All bathroom amenities are stored in permanent jars or offered in corn-starch biodegradable packaging. The hotel also offers access to safe drinking water to the locals while constantly maintaining and managing the water requirements for the locals from the reservoir during the summer months.

There is plenty to keep you occupied at Dvara. If in pursuit of avian beings, a lovely serene trail leads you to the base of Westen ghats where you are sure to encounter the likes of the Paddy-Field Pipit, Indian Silverbill, Malabar Parakeet, Red Whiskered Bulbul, Vernal hanging parrot and more.

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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Exceeds expectation - Best decent resort for families!!
by M_JayasriThiyagu on 11/10/2019

We visited Dvara for a weekend stay. Cordially welcomed with a welcome drink. The rooms were ready, neat & clean. Right from the infra structure till their names, resort is very traditional. In Room...

great stay
by ericks666 on 10/24/2019

In September 2019 we organized a course at Dvara, our Brazilian organization with Chile and India, and we chose Dvara. We got it right with the choice, the location is beautiful, the food is...

Quaint getaway paradise
by satz2989 on 10/19/2019

What an excellent experience we had over the weekend! Visiting this serene resort after about two years and I should say I was more than impressed. The upkeep of the property is immaculate and...


Nearest Airport : Coimbatore - 40 km
Nearest Railway Station : Coimbatore - 28 km