Sinna Dorai`s Bungalow, Kadamane
Sinnadorai Bungalow Kadamane Tea Estate, Kadumane Estate, Karnataka, India
For meditative views of grassy peaks
Sinna Dorai`s Bungalow, Kadamane

The Myddleton family were the first recorded owners of Kadamane Estate. They attempted to grow cardamom, pepper and later coffee, all with little success. The property was hence sold to the Earl of Warwick and was intended to be used as his hunting grounds. But it never was, nor did the Earl ever visit. His agent, a Mr. Edge, was given the responsibility of selling the property, which he successfully did on the 26th July 1927 to Tea Estates India Ltd. The new owners began clearing the forests and planting tea. The Kadamane bungalow (Kadu meaning forest & Mane meaning house) was built in 1930 as a twin house for the two Sinna Dorais (assistant managers) who planted all the tea that surrounds it and has nine rooms.  The estate covers 1,000 acres of tea, a factory, two churches, a temple, a hospital and vast areas of forests and grasslands.

If you love the rain, Kadamane is the place for you as rainfall is measured by the metre. One of the highlights of your stay in Kadamane, is a 4 x 4 ride of a lifetime on unseen trails, through the grassland or through streams, and across boulder-ridden thoroughfares. Visits to the tea plantation and factory as well as walking and hiking with picnics are also a possibility.

Perfectly Rare

Kadamane is one of the largest tea plantations in the primary coffee growing regions of Karnataka. While the bungalow is charming in itself, the off-road trails within the estate, a secret natural pool and trekking trails are what makes it extremely special. This includes the occasional bumping into...

Know Your Host

The cusp of 18th and 19th centuries in Western Ghats, was a time when British officers were seeking respite from the hot plains and economic opportunities like cultivation of fast crops. Spices, coffee and eventually tea (thanks to the cooler climes) became mainstay and many plantation homes propped...

The architecture and decor of the bungalow is a reflection of the colonial plantation homes from late 19th century. High ceilings, sprawling spaces, fireplaces in the rooms, well-preserved vintage furniture, wide open verandas to enjoy the green surrounds, stone walls and ample use of wood give the characterful look and feel to the bungalow till date. Manicured gardens lined with weather-specific flowers and freshly cut grass cocooned by them is a sight typical of plantation bungalows. But that by no means, is a reflection of discomfort. The rooms are equipped with modern comforts and ensuite bathrooms.

There are nine rooms in the sprawling estate house. The rooms are extremely spacious, with vintage furniture, fireplaces, reading desk and modern comforts. The charm lies in keeping the connecting with nature intact at all times. To that, the rooms deliver well, as they look over the bountiful green hillsides all around. Since all the rooms are part of the bungalow, it is an excellent option for a large family or group to take up. Even if you are sharing it with other guests, there is ample space and privacy since the bungalow is huge and has ample nooks and corners to enjoy in one’s own private space.


Exceptional food is the highlight of Kadamane Estate. The food is a mix of Continental, Indian and local specialities made from freshly sourced ingredients and veggies. Meals are an elaborate three-course affair, with the desserts as the highlight for anyone with a sweet tooth. The common dining area is reserved for all meals with guests sharing stories and interacting over meals.

Kadamane’s tea experiences and massive acres of complete forest is a big plus for anyone in love with the outdoors. A 4X4 ride over boulder-ridden muddy trails, hikes, bird watching strolls and even a trip to an unnamed secret natural pool fill up the days with ample to do. Of course, you can subscribe to the ‘do nothing’ routine with abandon and catch up on a good book or just listen to the sounds of nature from the bungalow itself.

Perfect For

Doing nothing, or being the adventurer in the estate. There is ample to explore and learn on the estate where tea planting and processing, and nature goes.

Operational Status


Sinna Dorai's Kadamane is open all year.


The bungalow is a stellar example in responsible tourism. The community is at the core of many activities at Sinna Dorai, Kadamane – especially where the families of estate workers are concerned. The hospitality  for guests is gentle, warm and unobtrusive. Acres of land left without cultivation for preserving nature is the most integral part of the responsible tourism mandate for the bungalow.

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An off-the-beaten-track holiday must, Kadamane lands you in the world of tea and a bygone era of British colonial ambience in understated luxury. Stay here to omit tired tourist tropes and have an excellent weekend or more, just 250km from Bangalore.
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Beautiful property and that's the end of it.
by saileshdamani on 05/14/2023

The property is just beautiful and you ll love your rooms as well. However, if life is all about experiences then I wouldn't suggest this place. Despite being a premium property and very scenic the...

Home away from home
by Indrani_Dey on 04/06/2023

This was our third visit and I'm sure not the last one ! I visited with my 80years old father, husband and twin daughters. This place always welcomed us with lots of love and warmth. It's hard to...

Piece of heaven
by Woodway_homestay on 12/23/2022

We went to the bungalow for our anniversary.. this place still feels like a lost world where there is no human existence .. it’s a piece of heaven . The property itself is 18000 acres and a world by...

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