Museum of Stories
From concept to operation, dream to design each destination hotel of the RARE Community is a story worth being told many times, in different ways. If RARE were a physical entity, it would fill multiple rooms with sepia toned photos of heritage preservation, gold tinted handover documents to erstwhile royalty, herbariums filled with many flowering grasses, sketches of iridescent sunsets, voices of happy animals, footsteps of artists, photographers and film makers, art, craft, textiles, books, dreams, hopes and vision….. each drawing you into their stories. Many times you will enter a story, this collection is an ode to every hotel of the community, the destination may be different, but every story is worth celebrating.
Summer Time
Rare is proud to present an exceptional plantation stay near Darjeeling, Glenburn Tea Estate. A complete experience that is atmospheric and encompasses landscapes, cuisine, culture and learning.   Inspired by the Vineyards of Europe,  the Prakash family opened their...