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Jain Temple


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Unique temple
by Journeyager on 11/24/2019

Security is tight. They will go through your backpack. I brought my small passport bag and the girl told me nice pen and asked me to give her. I thought she was joking, so tried to get in but again...

An architectural masterpiece
by tavi_hi on 11/20/2019

We arrived at the temple sometime early in the day and the view from outside was nothing short of breathtaking. There’s a fairly large parking space and a few small shops that serve snacks and...

Excellent Carving Work
by rishumishu9 on 11/18/2019

Ranakpur Jain Temple has an Exotic setting and Location in the Aravali range of Rajasthan. You can Visit Ranakpur Enroute Jodhpur to Udaipur by Road The Temple is an Unique Example of Exquisite...