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Jain Temple


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Magnificent & Alluring
by g00dtraveller on 02/12/2020

So beautifully sculpted that it lifts human skill to other-worldly level. definitely be awestruck by a magnificent marble creation in Ranakpur, dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankara.

by LetsGoSightseeing on 02/08/2020

Imagine taking a big block of marble & chipping it away till a perfectly-carved temple emerges. The temple has a stunning architecture. It's difficult to imagine that back in those ages when there...

Think you are temple weary? This one will brighten you up!
by KennethEast on 02/06/2020

We arranged a day's outing to Kumbhalgarh Fort and this Jain Temple. In advance, it seemed the temple was the "add on" part of the outing. Turned out to be the "main course." We had been in India...