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Kumbhalgarh Fort


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A nice visit
by tanvi s on 11/23/2019

Fort is about 60 km away from Udaipur . But it is very good . Even the entry fee is around 5-10 rupees which is not too high for Indians and entry fee is high for foreigners .

Must go worth to see
by Travel-Food-Sightsee on 11/19/2019

Fort with world second largest wall. A wall with area of 36kms long and a enough wide where three horses can walk together at a time. A great wall of INDIA. The garh has no steps but only slops to...

Wonderful experience but DO NOT GO for light and soundvshow
by gopalav on 11/13/2019

One of the most well preserved forts in the country. I guess, being one of the very few undefeated forts, it is apparent when the guide points to a few hundred year old cannon ball dent on a...