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Khajuraho Temples


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A must see before you croak.
by mrc49 on 02/18/2020

These iconic temples are well preserved and where restauration has been necessary , mostly well done. There are both Hindu and Jain groups and they are dispersed throughout the town and warrant a...

Epitome of art and architecure
by Dilip123 on 02/17/2020

Khajuraho temples represent one of India's finest example of art and architecture. Built over centuries by several Chandela rulers nearly a thousand years ago makes one awestruck at the skills and...

Outstanding architectural gem
by louisageary on 02/14/2020

It's not just a chance to snicker at sexy sculpture, there's so much more. Though one must admire the gymnastics, there are plenty of innocent Gods, warriors and beautiful maidens too. The site is...