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Bee Fall


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Review of mini Water fall, on the way to Bee Fall.
by PMV_13 on 08/18/2022

Bee Falls. Even though I have given the heading as Bee Falls, this review is not of Bee falls as we did not see it. This is a review of a minor waterfall we came across on the way to Bee Falls...

It's a hike but worth it
by gabriellar1020 on 06/30/2022

The way to the falls is very steep but well maintained. Will be a tough climb back. But the falls itself is worth it.

Very dirty and crowded
by anujvelu on 06/29/2022

This is an experience that can be missed. There are huge crowds at this venue and no one to ensure that the garbage isn’t thrown around. There is a lower level of the falls which can be accessed by a...