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Alchi Monastary


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by Rush_gd on 10/16/2021

By far one of the best Monastery of Ladakh. Very few people visit here. Plz note -They are closed between1pm to 2pm for lunch. Monastery is awesome and very elegant and beautiful. Must visit !!!!

A rare find
by Restlessonyfeet on 10/02/2021

You'll not find much about this temple (not a monastery) online since photography is not allowed. Made in the 10th century, this group of temples at Alchi retains the original structure and artwork...

by LetsGoSightseeing on 09/30/2020

I visited the Alchi Choskhor on my last day in Ladakh. It's a monastic complex known for its unique style. I'd forgotten to carry my wallet & couldn't buy a ticket to go inside the Sumtseg. The...