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Darjeeling Toy Train


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Worst experience
by 616divyab on 03/09/2023

Not worth it. Don’t waste your money. It stops in a museum at another railway station which has just one engine in display and the railway station stinks. It stops in another memorial both are...

Terrible - avoid at all costs
by NorthernRivers on 02/18/2023

Toy train NewJalpaiguri ( JPI) to Darjeeling Strongly advise - FORGET THIS TRIP. The train station at new JPI was filthy. Beggars, flies, an who knows what else lies in the filth around the train...

Wish there was a negative 100 rating! HORRIBLE is an understatement.
by two12yearOlds on 02/06/2023

We reached the Darjeeling station well in time for our 11.30 a.m. ride and waited eagerly to board the legendary Toy Train for our Steam Engine Joy Ride. 11.30 a.m. arrived, the train did not. 11.40...