Some more ‘RARE’ | August - 2016


Some more ‘RARE’

RARE has been busy. Busy doing what we do best. That of bringing our partner hotels, their stories and strengths to you! July was all about wildlife and nature while ’August' sentiments are just right to be celebrating ‘India’s Heritage’, and the RARE community has much to celebrate on that account. Follow us on Facebook while we share historical highlights of our collective that covers architecture, art, music, culture and heritage .

While we have set out a target for RARE-50, we are just about 44 hotel brands in India, one in Nepal and now with Druk Hotel, Thimphu on board we are a collective with 46 brands. Some of the properties that are no longer a part of our community are as follows – The Himalayan, Itmenaan group of hotels and Forsyth Lodge. These are also destinations we have worked hard to establish with their unique offerings and hence we are striving to bring on board concepts in these destinations that perfectly align with the RARE attributes – Community, Conservation, Culture & Intimate, Stylish, Immersive.

Soulitude by the Riverside

A short drive from Gagar, Soulitude by the Riverside is a small seven suite boutique getaway set amidst an organic farm and carefully planted vegetation of flowering and fruiting trees. Just under an hour's drive from the the railhead in Kathgodam, the access to the property near Chanfi village is a thirty minute walk along Kalsa river. Once there, the river pervades as a gentle murmur or a loud hush...depending on the season and the river's flow. Riverside offers many places along the river to sit out, enjoy your chai or read a book. Things to do around Riverside, include short treks to Pari Tal and small villages around, longer treks include a trek to the top of the ridge etc

Soulitude in the Himalayas

Kumaon in Uttarakhand is dotted with lakes and forests, valleys and rivers - a nature lover's haven, a birders paradise, a trekker's dream and an accessible getaway for vacation seekers from the plains. A whiff away from the tourist tangle that is Nainital are beautiful abodes - arty, quiet and organic, calling out to the beleaguered city dweller and the world traveler alike. Soulitude in the Himalayas is the first hotel that Manish and Ratna built as a home that evolved to be a holiday home with just ten suites and rooms, ideal for those seeking to explore the beauty of the Kumaon Himalayas. Located past Bhowali towards Ramgarh, Gagar is just short of the town and has spectacular Himalayan views, forests and nurseries with many opportunities for trekking and walking.

Brijrama Palace

You don’t see Benares, you have to ‘feel’ it, replete with myths and stories and making more as one goes along, and coveted resting place of millions of believers. To stand out on the terrace to see the sun set or rise and to believe that this has unchanged for several thousand years is a moment of epiphany for many. And BrijRama gives you the perfect vantage to experience Benares 'straight from the ghats’. Accessed across the river or through the old city’s colorful labyrinthine lanes, overlooking one of the most revered ghats and right at the curve of the river, BrijRama redefines luxury in a unique way. A painstakingly restored palace – a project that took over 18 years, with suites, atria and courtyards, specialty dining, lounge and terraces every space and service at BrijRama reminds you of where you are – Benares, sacred space and pilgrimage destination for over 5000 yrs.

Bera Safari Lodge

Bera and Jawai has been in the news for a variety of reasons and not all of it favours the Leopards that have suddenly become famous or the Rabari’s whose traditional relationship with the forests and its animals are responsible for the ‘cats’ adopting Jawai as safe home. Shatrunjay and Katiyaini, have opened their farm very close to the hills where the leopards are often sighted and provide a very personal and enriching experience. With just five cottages spread over a 10 acre farm, the experience that Shatrunjay lays out for guests and wildlife lovers is intensive and insightful collected over the years of his work in the area that was threatened by granite mining and his work with the local community to stop 140 mining leases and working with the Rabari and Dayasi villagers to keep the area pristine and safe for the leopards.


It’s time we looked at the ‘other GOA’, beyond the beaches and the shacks. The other GOA is where the perennial Mandovi meanders, leaving spaces for small islands and letting mangroves flourish, where myriad birds nest and call, sleepy villages hint at a Portuguese connection not so long ago and white washed churches, centuries old are the venues for musical soirees and colourful fests. Champakali invites you to experience the unsung, other GOA. Fragrant, pristine and wide open like the five petals of the Champ flower, two private villas set on a hill within a private forest garden, behind an old church sets the mood – quiet and quaint, very stylish and very personal.

Druk Hotel, Thimphu, Bhutan

The last Shangri-la, atleast one close to India is Bhutan. This small nation is high on its happiness quotient, yet contained within are lessons on environment controls, tourism regulations and cultural steadfastness that ensures a stoic adherence to its traditions that its citizens follow with pride and that is commendable. Bhutan is mesmerising and we have stories of a partner who completely immersed herself in the country surfacing after years of travel and photography with a book titledThe Ancients". Druk Hotel in the very heart of Thimphu, overlooking the clock tower square is a warm and friendly haven with colour themed suites and deluxe rooms plush with all modern amenities and delectable service. Druk is also famous for its Indian fare and a lovely bar “Hi Jinks” which in the evening is literally the ‘high point’ of the town while ‘Lha Yul’, their spa will transport you directly to seventh heaven.

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