Shinrin-Yoku : Forest bathing @ RARE Lodges and Retreats | July - 2017



Shinrin-Yoku : Forest bathing @ RARE Lodges and Retreats

Outdoors is the place to be. When you are in a thick verdant forest with a lush tree canopy overhead, walking amongst ancient trees, or sitting by a natural water spring, you are in the middle of a nature's healing spa. Natural forest healing has been recognized in Japan as Shinrin-Yoku. Spending time immersed in the forest is known to bestow multiple health benefits like increased immunity, elevated moods, decrease in stress, reduced pulse rate and blood pressure and over all feeling of wellness.

Some of the most outstanding features of RARE jungle lodges and nature retreats is their proximity to nature. In fact, due to the sheer size of the estates that our lodges and retreats are set in, they are perfect for the idea of forest bathing and Shinrin-Yoku. Every forest surrounding RARE jungle lodges and retreats fulfills a special set of criteria; the area of the forest, the kind of trees it has, the grass or moss underneath, the aromas, the sounds of the forest - essentially everything that uplifts your five senses and immerses you in the natural healing properties of a forest.

We are a part of nature, but we drift from her in our city lives. Reconnect with health and well-being by going back to nature. The therapy will include gentle and immersive walks which are sensory invitations to experience the forest at a deeper level and facilitate healing. Slowing down, sitting to take in deep breaths of the forest air, meditating to the sounds of water and bird song, or collecting herbs to make some aromatic tea, these are some of the ways to 'bathe in the forest'.

Choose a wildlife retreat or jungle lodge from our RARE Community and go back to nature.

Reading References - A little handbook of Shinrin-Yoku by Amos Clifford

"Do not cut down the forest with its tigers and do not banish the tigers from the forest;
the tiger perishes without the forest and the forest perishes without its tigers.”

- Mahabharata

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