Vanghat : Forest Living | November - 2017


November 2017

Vanghat : Forest Living

A part of the larger Corbett Tiger Reserve ( CTR ) Kalagarh Tiger Reserve (Division) marks a prominent buffer zone forest stretching along the north to east of the reserve and lies safe in the valley created around the Ramganga river. Once the domain of Tiger Tops who created fishing preserves in the forests, Vanghat carries forth the intense wildlife focus that was central to all Tiger Tops experiences. Access is not easy and that is just as it should be. Cross a bridge, trek some and raft over the Ramaganga before you reach Vanghat to experience the joy of living, deep in a Sal dominated Himalayan foothill forest.

The eight acre estate is guarded at the river entrance by two ‘Giant Silk Cotton trees’ (Bombax ceiba) part of a sacred grove revered as living deities. Vanghat invites you to give yourself up to nature and explore every trail of the community forest around the lodge personally lead by Sumantha and his team of naturalists. Give in to a forest exile !