RARE Updates | May - 2018


It has been an extraordinary year at RARE India, and continues to be so. Très RARE established beyond a doubt that we stand with the travel fraternity as a force that pioneers innovation and intelligent trends. Our community stands with us as a strong voice that believes in working with our agency partners in initiating new ideas, ‘create value’ for the community they empower in their respective destinations and the travellers who seek ‘meaningful experiences’. We audit for style service and substance and voila! you have fifty of the finest boutique palaces, glam camps, wildlife and nature lodges nurtured by owners who believe in creating experiences that are stylish, immersive, intimate yet aim to be conscious of the living planet.

Not RARE: Hotels move on from the RARE Community for various reasons, one of them is that they no longer identify with our vision that the Indian Tour Operator fraternity is the largest worldwide promoter of the RARE Community. We bid adieu to four of our long-standing partners – Citrus County, Aashyana Lakhanpal, Patan Mahal and Rajakkad Estate.

In preparation for the season of 2018/19, we reiterate our commitment to empower your programs for the Indian sub-continent with engaging narratives and exceptional experiences. Through our travels, the interest for ‘RARE’ kind of hotels is only growing and with our community you need ‘look no further’ ! As a sales and marketing team we are in your offices with you and your teams to help you rethink your programs and add the ‘RARE’ touch.

RARE & New: The latest hotels on the RARE List are as follows:

1. Karma Chalet, Manesar, Har.: A 30 Keys, privately owned estate of Karma Lakelands with a conservation twist is why Karma Chalet is on the RARE List. The clubhouse is a haven for those who love the thrill of sports but for the nature lover there are nature trails and cycling circuits to be explored.

2. Mekosha, Near Trivandrum, Kerala: Less than an hour from Trivandrum and close to the famous Varkala temple town is a wellness destination on the meandering Attingal river. Eleven spa-suites and a unique idea for rejuvenation and therapies, Mekosha has several firsts to be discovered.

3. Suryagarh, Jaisalmer and Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner, Raj.: Both are large holdings and RARE for a reason. Immaculately conceptualised to create desert experiences with Suryagarh and to allow you to live through the colourful life of the last reigning Maharajah of Bikaner with Narendra Bhawan. Both are exceptional hotels curated as visual stories exceptionally presented to engage the traveller.

4. The Lodge at Wah, Dharamshala, H.P.: Just that RARE flavour, with a young couple playing host to a six cottages on a heritage Kangra Tea Plantation, The Lodge at Wah is a welcome addition to access Dharamshala and Palampur.

5. Wild Mahseer, Balipara, Assam: This lovely plantation estate, a first for RARE in Assam is now a preserve, a part of the eastern Himalayan botanic art. With huge bungalows and suites surrounded by a generous canopy of trees and carefully tended ornamental plants, Wild Mahaseer has a colonial flavour and connects with Nameri, Kaziranga and other areas of Assam.

6. Anahata Retreat, Goa: Far from shacks and the crowds, on a clean beach is Anahata Retreat, bare-foot luxury perfect to kick your shoes off and head straight into the sea. Eleven huts close enough to feel the ocean spray on your bed is a ‘RARE’ kind of luxury. Do expect superbly curated cuisine at Atelier, spotless and comfortable huts with ensuite bathrooms. Should you be fussy about air-conditioning you may choose one of the five rooms of the villa.

7. Kathiwada Rajmajhal, M.P: Bordering Gujrat, this boutique Palace Hotel run by Digvijay and Swati has many tales to tell. One of them being a development project for the rural folk of Kathiwada that began when Digvijay converted an abandoned polo ground into a rural Cricket stadium. 11 elegant suites allow you the luxury of connecting with an off-beat program of India with much to discover, weaving you through Madhya Pradesh from Bhopal and Indore and onwards to Gujarat via Kathiwada.

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