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Anchoring Journeys with RARE | July - 2019




Each RARE hotel, lodge, retreat or homestay is characterful in its own way, focussed on delightful hospitality and hence inspires immersions and wanderlust. RARE Community is a valuable base to explore some unique travel circuits of India and the subcontinent. In this edition of RARE’s update, we would like to highlight some journeys that are curated to set you thinking. There is always RARE along these routes, so travellers can experience every destination in myriad ways - the inclusivity of the local community, to explore villages around, interact with people and have ample to do within and outside the property.



We are slightly partial to Kumaon during spring when the Rhododendrons are in full bloom, the unadulterated beauty of the Himalayan Terai and the ever present colour and culture of Rajasthan. Ladakh’s grand beauty never gets old, especially when there are new additions even on well-worn routes. Have more time at hand?  We have also crafted journeys based on the extensive craft and textile culture of India, nature and wildlife and even Rajasthan in the monsoons - a treat for travellers who shy away from the usual.

Kumaon Again
Essentially skirting India’s lake district around Nainital and higher on to the Himalayan sanctuary of Binsar, villages and small hill towns, temples and forests around Gagar and Chanfi and to the Terai forests of Corbett and Kalagarh, this trip can be extended to cover adventure on the Ganges and the holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh.

On the RARE Route
Jim’s Jungle Retreat | Vanghat | Soulitude by the Riverside | Soulitude in the Himalayas | Mary Budden Estate

The Queen of the Hills
This is a journey of culture, the story of Kangra tea, heritage, Buddhist Monasteries and poignant British history. Perfect for winters and spring when the weather is cold to near perfect clubbed with Amritsar on one side and Manali on the other - this itinerary covers plantation stays in Dharamshala to a vintage homestay experience in Shimla. Remember, to celebrate Christmas in Chapslee is a throw back to the times of the British in India.

The Lodge at Wah | Chapslee, Shimla

The Trans Himalayan Trail
This is a classic trail in the cold desert of Ladakh, which focuses on the living Palace in Stok, viewing trans Himalayan wildlife like Ibex, Urials and Snow Leopard in Ulley, Lchang Nang in the Nubra valley ( accessed over the scenic Warila pass) and finally an erstwhile nobleman’s home in Nimmu. Basgo Fort (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Likir and Alchi monastery, and the confluence of the River Indus and Zanskar are within reach from Nimmu.

Lchang Nang I Stok Palace | Chulli Bagh I Nimmu House | Snow Leopard Lodge

Centred and Off in Rajasthan
Yes, it is still possible to go off the beaten track even in Rajasthan without missing out on the personal and royal treatment. Heritage forts and mansions and the rustic rural life of hamlets around become central to this trip. Dying art forms await your amazement, temple ruins, walking trails, camel farms and timeless recipes to be savoured in a special Rajasthan exploration.

Shahpura Bagh | Bhainsrorgarh | Raas Devigarh | Chanoudgarh | Raas Jodhpur | Narendra Bhawan

A Textile Trail
This journey takes the traveller through Central and Western textile hubs of the country, touching Bhopal, Maheshwar, Kathiwada, Ahmedabad and Bhuj. From museums to artisan homes to meeting patrons and collectors of vintage crafts and textile, the traveller is subjected to some curious textile immersions. Local cuisine, stunning natural landscapes and heritage inclusions are but collateral value adds.

Jehan Numa Retreat | Kathiwada Raaj Mahal | Mangaldas Nu Haveli
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