RARE Newsletter I Vol 15 I Oct 2020 | October - 2020

India…. On a trot and canter!
Did you know that India had a very impressive equestrian tradition? And the Marwari horse is an endemic species native to India?
For centuries the Marwari horse has been the cavalry mount of every Rajput warrior, and stories of Marwari horses’ and their fierce loyalty towards their masters are recounted till today. It is no surprise that the Marwari horse is as popular as the valiant Rajput warrior who rode him, often seen immortalised at prime junctions in Rajasthan with the warrior astride the famous horse.

In what is a free-wheeling conversation with Saurabh Sinclair of Bijaipur Horse Safaris and Sidharth Singh of House of Rohet, we learn about equestrian programs in the subcontinent and more importantly about the Marwari breed of horses. With very few passionate operators of riding programs, this is a niche segment which is as adventurous as it is explorative, allowing rides through virgin country, some villages and forts that one may not see in regular programs for India. Bijaipur Horse Safaris is an experience modelled around riding through unexplored regions of western Rajasthan with the luxury of stays in private palace hotels or temporary camps. Rohet Equestrian Programs create riding opportunities for luxury travellers mostly around the scrub land around Rohet Garh and Mihir Garh. The horses are from the Rohet stables, and organised by Sidharth himself who is fiercely protective and particular about the comfort of the horse, hence a rider check is a must. The Bijaipur Horse Safaris curate experiences that depend upon the rider’s expertise on the saddle, also matching the horses to the terrain from private stables across Rajasthan.

Both Sidharth and Saurabh are eloquent in their love and appreciation of the Marwari breed of horses, and the success of riding as a possible way to explore India may rest on how we present the Marwari Horses to the world. Everyone should know about the magnificent Marwari horses and evoke interest from travellers not only to ride them through India, but everything that is attributed with them, from clothing to jewellery, grooming to their history.  
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