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Within RARE, we have shining examples of how a stay is enhanced when enveloped by visual stories of history, culture and art. Museums function as a documentation for historical, cultural and religious objects, ideas and artefacts; that on RARE are retold with unmistakable pride. At RARE, these stays offer living museum experiences where travellers have glimpses into continuing traditions that connect the past to the present. We believe these “Museum of Stories” living on as cultural and social engagements, are fine examples of discovering a destination to ‘make it yours’ – experience, reflect and be awed.
Sheherwali Culture at Bari Kothi
Murshidabad, West Bengal
Bari Kothi offers the experience of a living museum in what is among the finest restoration project for hospitality in the region. Carefully restored, it showcases the Sheherwali Culture that originated from a migration some 300 years ago of merchants from Rajasthan to Murshidabad. The result is a fascinating synthesis that lives on till date - Rajasthan, Bengal, Mughal, British heritage along with Greek, Roman and French architectural influences that swirl around as a grand jigsaw of experiences. This inimitable culture reflects in the names of various rooms to begin with – the library, music room, durbar hall, sheesh mahal, janana chowk, halwai khaana, gulabi chawara, reflected in many ways – a  distinct dressing style, an innovative vegetarian only cuisine, small personal experiences which is a part of their service.  Glimpses of these are found everywhere you look in the treasure trove that is Bari Kothi – on the walls, in the food, in the art, the décor and cultural experiences. Read more...

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The Belgadia Palace
Mayurbhanj, Odisha
East is still a mystery, yet in their daily life and living cultures are clues to a very subtle and abiding culture. The Belgadia Palace is a space for memories and memoirs – visual, oral and spatial. You enter into an 18th century double-storey structure built in the classical Western style of Doric-Corinthian column and is a mixture of Greek and Victorian architecture. This leads you into spaces restored and retained, in such a way that history speaks to you in colour, art and wood craft. From their collection of precious leather bound books on various subjects from biographies to natural history, to their collection of tapestries and itinerated dairies from the Queen’s visit there is a story at every corner. Particularly, the large frames of oil portraits of the Bhanja ancestors is a treat for lovers of art. Living museums as performances by Chhau artists, skilled metal and weed crafts people still practising their craft from Mayurbhanj are efforts to preserve a piece of heritage, a personal endeavour of the erstwhile Mayurbhanj family, 47th in the lineage. Read more...

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Art at The Malabar House
Fort Kochi, Kerala
The Malabar House is a heritage building with a rich and interesting past that is now resplendent as a art hotel. Seamlessly combining traditional and contemporary designs, one can find select and carefully curated antiques, unusual sculptures and interesting pieces of art everywhere. The design element is further enhanced by reflecting Kerala’s history and thus comes across as a passage between the East and the West, whilst laying an emphasis on the amalgamation of Kerala’s culture. Malabar House further extends the idea of a museum from just looking at objects with live classical music and dance performances with exhibitions on regularly as well as being a part of the Art Walk of the  Kochi-Muzaris Biennale. Read more...

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General Amar Singh Kanota Library
and Museum Trust at Castle Kanota

Jaipur, Rajasthan
The museum at Castle Kanota is a collection built with collections from Thakur Zorawar Singh’s time. A rather unusual collection is the eighty-nine volumes of diaries penned over forty-four years by General Amar Singh who developed and sustained a practice of writing and chronicling his life and the incidents of global importance, unlike most personal stories which are oral retelling. These diaries therefore give a fascinating insight into courtly life, British and Rajput life and the connected histories of Rajasthan, making it a unique period library. Other collections include paintings, maps, photographs, manuscripts, weapons, travel memorabilia and books – some of which continue to form a part of the living heritage here with objects regularly used for ceremonial purposes. Read more...

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A Private Living Museum at Stok Palace Heritage Hotel
Stok, Ladakh UT
A private museum only open to resident guests, the Stok Palace Museum provides an invaluable insight in to Ladakh’s old monarchy housing a large collection of precious artefacts and relics. The royal family’s collection of thangkas (some over 400 years old) ancient coins, royal seals, regal costumes, precious jewellery, photographs, swords, shields, bows, arrows, quivers and guns are part of the showcase. The highlight of the collection is the Queen’s ancient yub-jhur – a head piece encrusted with 401 pieces of uncut turquoise, coral, gold nuggets and a crown said to be more than 1000 years old. A piece not to be missed us the knotted sword – said to have been bent by the King’s oracle to show his supernatural powers. Read more...

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Living History at Chapslee
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Every inch of space at Chapslee unfolds a story. Walk through any of the rooms and you will find centuries old rare volumes of books on natural history, curtains that were once part of the Doge Palace in Venice, Flemish tapestries, a fine collection of porcelain including a unique collection of paperweights and silver spoons! The last British owner of Chapslee, Sir Arthur Milford Ker was a collector of rare coins that can be found in the Coin Cabinet. Look around and you will see silver snuffboxes, enormous ceramic vases, tiles from 17th century Holland, a grand piano that is in mint condition, hunting trophies, weapons…the list goes on. Read more...

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