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We believe, walking is to travel is what eating with hands is to food. It engages all your senses and depending upon where you are walking and time of the day it could be an adventure, immersion, learning but always pure magic! At RARE, walking trails are offered by every hotel, lodge or retreat to help you discover the destination slowly with the intention to better engage and understand the forest, river, village or city. In our endeavor to unravel every destination through frames created by our hotels, walks and hikes are ‘sensitive’ and immersive ways to help travelers to get out and discover. Often it is a trail of self-discovery and learning to appreciate one’s present environment defining perspectives hitherto ignored. From a Berry picking trail in Nadis, to walks in the tea gardens of Darjeeling, Kangra and Assam, Farm walks out in Punjab at Firdaus, hikes in the forests of Satpura at Reni Pani or Bori Safari Lodge, walking through lanes where veena makers still shape musical instruments by hand with Svatma, the contained life of a remote village in Chanoud Garh... the list is endless with multiple discoveries in every destination.
Wild Mahseer, Balipara, Assam
Part of the Eastern Himalayan Botanical Ark, Wild Mahseer’s interactive nature walk is an insight into the phenomenal biodiversity of this region. The guided walk is an ode to Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing. Discover varieties of Bamboo, walk barefoot on lush grass, allow a tree to embrace you or listen to their whispers, chase butterflies, listen to birdsong and let your soul be satiated. Walk on and there is a message at every corner, tree trunk or shower of a raintree. Further as you walk into the tribal hamlets of Mishings and Nepalis in their humble abodes raised on stilts, weaving huts and open to sky cooking to make chang – one wonders why urban life is so complicated when happiness is in simple everyday things. Read more...
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Ramathra Fort, Karauli, Rajasthan
The first time on this amazing hike to the Dang Plateau is a scramble between trying to look through binoculars, reach out for your camera and keep pace with the walk guide explaining the various highlights on the trail. Till you slow down and begin to give yourself up to the unique biodiversity of the Aravallis you are walking through. Best done in the monsoons when the Dhonk (Anogeissus pendula) colors the landscape a uniform deep emerald with mysterious rivulets flowing around you; or in winter when the dry semi-arid landscape is an opportunity for photographers – every colour be it the turbans and odhnis (veils) or the sudden spurt of cacti flowers of the Danda Thor (Euphorbia carducifolia) resplendent against the rugged backdrop. The trail takes you through khois (shallow caves under over hanging rocks) shared by hardy trees that set off their roots far and wide in search of water. That you have a chilled lemonade waiting for you at the end of the hike and a breathtaking view of the Dang plateau is an incentive! Read more...
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Glenburn Penthouse, Kolkata, West Bengal
Calcutta as it was once known conjures a nostalgia for all who have lived there (even briefly), and paints a vivid picture of the history, art, culture and nuances of this city. And nostalgia plays a big part, from walking with many groups here the theory is four in ten Indians have some connect with Kolkata. Even if you haven’t lived here or visited for a wedding, references to Hastings, Charnock and Dalhousie will take you back to school. With Glenburn Private Excursions, get a glimpse into what was the strangle hold of the East India Company. Explore this unique melting pot while tracing Calcutta’s history, lineage, monuments, the impact of the river on the Bengali culture, the Renaissance and how it played out in this part of India, the almost year-long preparation that precedes the Durga Puja, pastry shops and night clubs on Park Street. It is often said Calcutta is for the poet, cinematographer, author, artist, photographer, art lover….. or did they say Bengal. Read more...
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The Malabar House, Fort Kochi, Kerala
Kerala’s distinctive history as a major trading post brought not just trade, but also the influences of different cultures. At Malabar House you walk into a space of Art and installations, a fine collection that is the personal treasure of Joerg Drechsel, the inspiring owner of Malabar House who took over a dilapidated trading house in Fort Cochin to build a stellar boutique hotel. Malabar House and Trinity around the corner are perfect to discover Fort Cochin through its curious lanes. Walk through 500 years of Fort Cochin’s living history, Harbour town, cradle of the spice route, Portuguese, Dutch and British colony in its past and home of many communities and languages worshiping all major religions. Read more...
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Bera Safari Lodge, Jawai, Rajasthan
The semi-nomadic Rabaris are herders and shepherds who consider themselves descendants of Lord Shiva who sits on a tiger-skin mat and dons a leopard skin, hence their reverence to the leopards that have made Jawai their home. Their thriving population is a good example of a harmonious coexistence between man and the wild. Walking with the Rabaris is to take in the semi-arid landscape, their daily life as herders and how they work around the threat of the predator who could be anywhere. A great insight into an inclusive mindset which makes them the heros of the ‘Jawai story’. Staying at Bera Safari Lodge with Shatrunjay is to see this story play out in front of you as walks and drives into Jawai’s now protected landscape, and to understand how travelers can contribute and learn that we are not separated from nature – we are nature! Read more...
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The above walks are integral to the experiences at the respective RARE hotels. It is by definition what we call “sensitive destination discovery” which is a key RARE touchstone towards responsible travel and community and destination engagement.
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. RARE Resonates with WeNaturalists: We recently met Amit Banka of WeNaturalists and his simple explanation of a ‘Naturalist’ put the whole idea behind this portal dedicated to ‘nature lovers’ across the globe into perspective. WeNaturalists is that convergence for people and nature with an endeavor to provide (and provoke) a safe space for everyone associated with nature. And grow – like a tree catches root.

While nature is to be rightly celebrated all year round, there should be a day dedicated to people who tirelessly work to protect it. It is time to shine the light on World People of Nature, a WeNaturalists initiative to be held for the first time on October 01, 2021; a day to celebrate people of nature and their contributions to make our planet a better place.

RARE India is a community of fine boutique hotels that revere the planet and people, and urge you to think of travel as a ‘wander-list’ for change. You can be a part of a revolution and make history by asking the right questions which is not always about the ‘best deal”.
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