Spouse Travel

11 Jan, 2015

You could be born a gypsy with travel in your veins, yet to travel with your spouse and to make a celebration of the event, is an acquired skill. And it requires two people to ensure traveling together is indeed a celebration. A couple could be happily married or in a beautiful relationship, yet traveling together for a vacation need not really end up as pleasurable proposition. 

 Travel begins with choices and choosing for both or choosing with your spouse's interests in mind does not come easy. Having planned holidays for many couples through my years in travel, it is rarely that I see a couple sit together with me to systematically offer their interests and choices.  Mostly one of them takes the lead, the one who has a wish-list, especially if there are small children involved. The worry is more about driving distances, food for the children, sometimes there is the nanny to account for. Destination and hotels are primary concerns here. Yet I have encountered people planning a holiday as a celebration for a birthday or anniversary and it is surely endearing when one spouse checking on all the important things that would make the holiday perfect for the other !! 

Traveling with my own spouse who is also in the travel business is the easiest when we are traveling for work. With children and holiday, our agendas tend to be different, timings slightly slack, meal times easy, no rush for sightseeing, children allowed to do what they want to, walks and exploring the town and country have been a priority over catching important sights, downtime and shopping is always included. Most importantly there is the a lot of flexibility. I must admit our travels together for leisure have almost always begun with some disagreements firstly to decide where to go, and then one has to give in to the travel agenda for the larger good of the family. That done it has always been full of good memories, based on one key thought - it's a holiday for each one of us, and though we are on a vacation together there is no hard and fast rule that one must follow the others interest.

So while I trudge off at day break to catch the early bird and he prefers to sleep in, the girls prefer their own thing - one doodles or sleeps while the other catches up on her movies, music and books. Except for a few things to do together, like picnics, some walks, safaris if we were in the jungles, we end up with a memorable family holiday feeling that each did exactly what they wanted.

P.S : I must admit a steady supply of alcohol and staying in relative luxury does indeed ease what could otherwise be explosive moments.