The Den of Morpheus

12 Nov, 2014

The Den of Morpheus
My eyes are longing for a sleep that my body clock still ticking to London time will not allow. What better time to write about the luxury of a turn-down service !
It could just be my thing as I have heard some people pooh-pooh the thought, but I just love the idea of a turn down service. It’s one of the things I look forward to and if auditing a hotel, something I would definitely check. What’s special about a turn-down service ? I think it’s the last detail before you wish your guests good-night. Besides sleep is a luxury anyway, on a vacation or even on a corporate trip how beautiful it is to make sure that your night’s sleep is prepared to perfection.
A relaxed dinner, head buzzing with that slightly spicy wine I may have sipped rather quickly, an almost full moon bright as silk to light my path as I walk to my  cottage at the far end of the trail.  The promise of a view tangible in the crisp mountain air and lo ! my suite – marshmallow duvet, white goose-down pillow doubled to help me sink easy, a snoozer bed its memory waiting to hug my contours again and for those who demand and in cold climes I do… a hot water bottle to toast my feet.
But first a quick shower, warm and fragrant even as I  pass up the tub filled with hot water, floating lights, and petals of some ten fragrant roses. I love the scene under the subdued sleep inducing light even as my mind needles me about the unused water in the tub and where it will go tomorrow. I hope to the trees in the garden ! 
Slipping into my nightly rags, in seven light steps I am in the snoozer bed where the duvet and hot water bottle, bed and pillow immediately lay claim to my loose limbed lethargy. The fragrance from my linen rises with my breathe and beckons sleep. My mind is thoughtless as I nibble at the after mint placed close to me with a verse. I have read this one before, but love remembering it again as I stretch my hand to further dim the lights for the night.  My smile is almost a sleepy salute and my last thought is a to thank the genie who transformed my suite to a dream-catcher and the den of Morpheus.
Don't I just love the turn down service. 
A perfect turn-down service is also a subtle promise of a beautiful morning !!