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All hotels on board RARE India are audited for experience, quality, style and luxury. We urge travellers and consultants to explore differently and tell a different story – one that is people sensitive and planet friendly yet where luxury and experience is a given. Over the years, the community we proudly promote as RARE India through courageous initiatives for heritage preservation, water conservation, wildlife and nature conservation have helped us code the paradigm for Conscious Luxury Travel. RARE partners instinctively work on planet and people friendly attributes while we continue to motivate them to assess, adopt and improve their ‘sustainability quotient’ through training and knowledge.

We define these attributes as RARE TOUCHSTONES which along with luxury and experiences is a compelling narrative for Conscious Luxury Travel. Just as the eight-fold path gears you for inner evolution in Buddhism, we believe the nine RARE TOUCHSTONES helps every traveller and consultant set course towards a Sustainable world.

The Compass lends itself perfectly for manifesting this, with its four Cardinal and four Ordinal directions.

CARDINAL (True Everywhere)
  • Single Use Plastic
  • Local Community Engagement
  • Safe Garbage Disposal
  • Water Conservation
  • The Human Touch
ORDINAL (Destination Dependent)
  • Low Impact Tourism
  • Living Heritage
  • Wildlife, Nature & Habitat             Conservation
  • Sensitive Destination             Discovery