Responsible Tourism

The pinwheel is the innocent, playful and hopeful symbolism of harnessing the energy that earth bestows upon us. A pinwheel wielding child is ecstatic with joy, movement, curiosity and unalloyed wonder.

Is that not why we all travel? The pinwheel then is the perfect representation of travel that is light and ecstatic guiding us where the wind blows. The blades of the pinwheel that catch the wind are home to the cardinal Touchstones and the folds, important for the integrity of it all, house the ordinal Touchstones. The pivot is the human touch as a heart of two tiny thumb prints, its definition vastly expanded to be omnipotent and inclusive.

As we expand our horizons, we realise that energy though indestructible is limited only by the laws of nature. We recognize it as the canvas on which all existence plays out, ever changing in time, with time. It binds together all our ethos in a complicated tapestry understood only by those intensely aware or supremely spiritual. Preservation of heritage, building a community or conservation of wildlife, energy conservation and efficiency drive all sustainable endeavours.

Ordinal is destination specific