Synergy Partners would bring together people and businesses who are adhering to any, some or all of the RARE Touchstones. The idea is to encourage travellers and consumers to support genuine and mindful services and products that are working toward maintaining the right balance between Profit, People and the Planet. We aim to build a thriving and dynamic tribe!

What makes a Synergy Partner?

  • A focus onauthenticity and purity that resonates with our Community philosophy
  • Being an Indian Brand
  • Have Indian elements in design and products
  • Have Community Initiatives and a Sustainability Philosophy

As Synergy Partners:

  • We include you on the RARE India website and you include us on your website
  • Allow for linkages to each other’s websites
  • We promote each other on social media
  • We will introduce you to our hotel community allowing for potential partnerships where applicable
  • For special campaigns, we mutually look at gifting ideas and discounts as an offering