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RARE Synergy Partners

Ma Earth Botanicals is a twenty-year-old journey of curative self-experimentation brought to you from the Sukh Family. We are a creed of healers, doctors, architects, designers, artists and activists with global footprints. Our recipes showcase a rich tapestry of wellness culture from India, Iran, London and West Africa, rooted with a deep respect for planet Earth and its elemental relationship with well being.

We combine timeless natural remedies with signature Aromatherapy blends to balance your body’s earth, wind, fire, water and ether. Our compositions are deemed ‘medicinal’ and free from sulphates, parabens, chemical additives, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors We consciously use the finest quality of herbs, botanicals, plant actives and pure essential oils in every product, which is then hand crafted, hand blended and packed. This is a family’s commitment to healing you with the best that nature can offer and impart positive lifestyle choices like mothers do.

RAS Luxury Oils is India’s first ‘Farm to Face’ 100% Natural, Organic and Vegan Skincare and Wellness brand. It is a vertically integrated brand with its own Farms (6th Gen Farmers), Processing, Manufacturing and R&D unit (20+ years). Our products are made from 100% naturally-grown botanicals, sourced from our 250-acre family-owned farms or from local farmers with guaranteed Buy back for the harvest. We passionately support Animal Welfare organisations and activities.

RAS embodies the promise of purity, happiness & goodness. Crafted with utmost love using ingredients sourced directly from our own organically grown farms, every drop assures you unparalleled indulgence.

'RAS’ is a Sanskrit word for essence and happiness. Our bottles pack exactly that. 100% natural botanical essence. We are the first "Farm to Face" skin care & wellness brand in India, all our products are 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC and are handcrafted meticulously at our farmlands, right from harvesting the crops in the right season when they are at their potent best, to formulating them using optimum techniques in our DSIR approved research labs. Every process happens on our family-owned estate, which ensures top quality and efficacy. We hand-pick every ingredient, and only the purest and the best make it into the bottle you hold.

Free of Toxins, Sulphates, Parabens, Silicones, Phthalates, Fillers, Preservatives, Artificial Colours, Synthetic Chemicals, Additives, and Alcohol. We also give back 10% of our profits to local NGOs for the upliftment of the girl child as well as for animal welfare.