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Tiger Hill


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Don't miss it, worth the early morning rise!
by SubhrajyotiC on 02/19/2019

You have to reach there by 4AM for the best views. It gets very crowded as its a major attraction for all tourists visiting Darjeeling year round!

Packed but for a reason
by cooker3000 on 02/06/2019

Probably the definitive tourist experience in Darjeeling but you will not be on your own at sunrise. This place gets jammed; the only place I have seen like it at sunrise is Angkor Wat so be warned...

Hype Created...
by Anil R on 02/04/2019

I had visited this place in Jan 2019. I would say there is so much hype created about this place. There are several other places in Darjeeling where you can have much better view of Kanchenjunga...